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tv   CBS Evening News  CBS  March 12, 2011 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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16th ranked arizona leading washington here in l.a. at the pacific life pac-10 tournament. ♪ complete with sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium. four electrolytes lost in sweat. ♪
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gus: you are watching the pacific life pac-10 tournament. 17-14, close game at the start. our heart goes out to the victims of japan's devastating earthquakes. gus johnson along with coach wenzel. and they started off a little
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tentative. but lately both teams established their flow. bob: one team shooting 70%, arizona. the thing that's been absent is the offense of derrick williams. first possession in a 2-3 zone defense. they used it last night. look at the middle, -- gus: suggses with a good look and hits. bob: they have three or four guys who can make threes on this team. only team in the country where four players had 40 threes or more in the season. gus: washington a 37% three-point shooting team. inside to perry. bob: watch number five here, he
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controls the paint. bob: as a team if you shoot over 35% from three, that is great. the great players shoot over 40. gus: washington playing a little 2-3 zone. how do you beat it? bob: inside-outside. they like the three though. gus: n'diaye, breaking at the ball. suggs hit his last shot. bob: both teams have green light from three. so far washington taking advantage of it much more than
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arizona. love this match-up right here between the two guards. talk about guys working, huh. gus: suggs curling down the lane. n'diaye wants it. way off the mark, and the rebound goes to jesse perry. bob: mr. n'diaye from senegal. watch parrom on the weak side. gus: this will go against scott suggs, the junior. bob: there is parrom, number three. suggs, this guy is a pretty good player. he along with wilcox and ross, their games are identical. 6'5", long players who are all capable of shooting threes and crashing the boards. now, with length in the game
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that is why lorenzo is going zone here. watch the length of these players with their arms. gus: washington already with six team fouls. inside to perry, no. he will go to the line. build your brackets with lowe's on facebook. sign up at bob: good numbers on the season for jesse. he is a newcomer, junior college player from missouri. he has added toughness to this team which sean miller desperately needed off of their 16-15 team from a year ago. gus: sean miller, it seems like we have been looking at him his whole life, when he was a kid.
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johnny carson, dribbling five or six basketballs. as a player with pitt. bob: oddly enough his assistant coach is his brother, archie, 10 years his junior. gus: he had some great xavier teams, sean miller. we will talk about that as this game progresses. what he has done here at arizona in a short amount of time. bob: second year, wins the championship. gus: another foul. referees are trying to establish how it is going to be this afternoon. it is up to the players to make an adjustment. bob: that one was on derrick williams. they have played with him in foul trouble this year and have come out successful. gus: and a traveling violation. c.j. wilcox. that is turnover number six for
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washington. arizona with three turnovers. bob: wilcox has been good in the tournament so far. let's watch derrick williams. he will go inside and outside. he will flash into the paint here. gus: perry. parrom, deep jump shot off of the rim and n'diaye hauls it down. are you surprised washington is running this much zone early? bob: i am surprised. gus: isaiah once again, this time the reverse lay-up. he has nine points in the first half. so quick to the basket with the ball in his hand. bob: penetration, isaiah is thy name.
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gus: game tied up at 19-19. bob: arizona looks hesitant to shoot deep. nice dime, the two kids from new york city. one from the bronx and the other from harlem. ball knocked away by parrom. bob: noticed how he blocked it with his left hand. if he tried it with the right it would have been a foul. gus: off of the back rim by darnell gant. here come the cats in transition and the finger role bounces off. isiah thomas to the bucket as well and he will go to the line. great action. bob: momo jones is a penetrator too. watch him along the baseline. unselfishness, that is what you want
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gus: welcome back. let's look at our pacific life game summary. bob: it is a close game. the stats are close. jamelle horne hasn't missed a shot yet and isaiah is the fire plug like he usually is for washington. how does he do it? in all kinds of ways my friend. from deep, he can do that. drives the lane in and among the trees. if he was in new york he would be a cab driver going down 5th avenue. gus: i tell you what, he is a special player to watch. when you look at him, you used an interesting word before the game. he is a very tiny guy. bob: he really is. he has been very consistent since his freshman year. you talked about how strong he is. you can see it by looking at him right here. he has very little body fat.
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gus: gets the first. bob: good games this year against arizona. 22 the first time and 10 assists. second time, 12 points and 10 assists. he has been fabulous against these wildcats. gus: they know how to get players. brandon roy, nate robinson, isiah thomas. bob: isaiah is in the nate robinson mold, isn't he? gus: that's right. bob: 2-3 zone, they are staying with it. gus: hill kicks it out tomeis. bob: there you go, the inside-outside three. best play in basketball against a 2-3 zone. when you have an unselfish team like these guys, that can happen frequently. gus: arizona, as washington throws that right out of bounds. bob: how about kenny ross
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trying to throw a lob pass to isiah thomas. a little role reversal there. gus: isaiah has shown that he can get up to dunk that ball. seven turnovers for washington. 24-21. and the huskies have been solid with this 2-3 zone. bob: they are probing right now, as are the wildcats. long rebound and williams to hill inside. foul. bob: what a pass by derrick williams. man, he looked like a quarterback there. just flicked it as soon at he got hands on it. thread the needle why don't you. i have fallen in love with this kid, seeing him for a couple of days, he has a very quick first
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step. gus: solomon hill -- make that darnell gant at the free-throw line. tomorrow the amazing race is off to china, only on cbs. so, gant, junior, from l.a. excuse me, solomon hill. the sophmore from l.a. got my 44's crossed up there, coach. bob: arizona has been man-to-man the entire time. gus: thomas, double clutch. ooh! that is that 275-pound bench press right there. double clutch from the
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three-point line. bob: i could hear the net on that one. perfect. gus: and he has 14 in the first half. inside and parrom gathering himself. bob: n'diaye is out of the game right now. bryan-amaning is much smaller at that center position. gus: isiah thomas again and that bounces over the backboard and out of bounds. bob: a little double clutch. when you shoot it on the way down that is very, very difficult. you need muscles for this. the reason he had to do that is mayes was right on him, challenging. gus: 27-24. isaiah with 14. bob: they are dissecting this zone, hitting the high post and the low post.
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catching the ball at the dots. well schooled are the arizona wildcats against zone. gus: largest lead of the game for arizona. terence ross. here is a pick-and-roll. bob: they have to get other guys involved. gus: rebound goes to williams. last time they faced each other, bryan-amaning had 18 points. mayes, straight away. hits. bob: they need to get out of that zone, coach. gus: no doubt about it. bob: time-out, washington. 4:53 to play in the first half. wildcats are moving it.
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32-24. back after this. wonder where the durango's been for the last two years? well, it toured around europe, getting handling and steering lessons on those sporty european roads. it went back to school, got an advanced degree in technology. it's been working out -- more muscle and less fat. it's only been two years, but it's done more in two years than most cars do in a lifetime. bob: this is how you dissect the zone. the ball will go to the wing. then it goes high post to low post and derrick williams will be the finisher. this is a thing of beauty. well executed. guys touching the ball. that is why lorenzo called the time-out and they will likely be in man-to-man next time we
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see them on d. gus: arizona on an 11-3 run. isiah thomas has been leading the way for washington with 14. turnaround jump shot and it goes down for terence ross. he has a lot of confidence. bob: they need to get other guys involved. the other guys have to get involved. lorenzo is staying in zone but n'diaye is back in to cover territory. gus: long rebound picked up by thomas. gets to the bucket. tries to turn the corner and does. deep in the corner he finds his teammate but that is off the mark. bob: mayes is handling nicely right here.
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gus: parrom. finds lavender. he drives and turns it over. here comes young isaiah. put it on the glass. looked like parrom and horne got a piece of it and we are heading the other way. bob: get that stuff out of here! during its first year, the humpback calf and its mother are almost inseparable. she lifts her calf to its first breath of air, then protects it on the long journey to their feeding grounds. one of the most important things you can do is help the next generation. at pacific life, we offer financial solutions
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that is taylor romar, lorenzo romar's daughter. 3:28 to play, first half. coach romar right now trying to figure out arizona. bob: his daughter is smiling but lorenzo is not. i can tell you that. i am surprising that he is staying with zone so much because it is being dissected pretty well by arizona. man-to-man is his staple. what they are doing a good job of is keeping derrick williams out of big numbers. that is a big plus for washington. maybe lorenzo knows his game better than we do. gus: he is very good at his job. bob: both teams 4-9 from downtown. that is good outside shooting.
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man-to-man now. gus: williams for three. and out of bounds, washington will get it again. bob: this is a bad match-up for washington, with n'diaye at 7'0" trying to guard derrick williams away from the basket, derrick can put it on the floor and go by him. gus: suggs, trying to feed the post. bob: holiday has been absent so far from the offense for washington. gus: extra pass and a miss. holiday get its again up top. young isaiah! bob: they look for him, too. gus: yes they do. and he has 18. make that 17.
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blocked by n'diaye and a reach-in foul. bob: that is why n'diaye is in the game, the big guy from senegal. take a look at this. that was way, way up there. how about a little punch in the face by parrom on isaiah on the way in. gus: kevin parrom, all pac-10. they love his versatility on both sides of the ball offensively and defensively. bob: yeah. 25 at cal this year, which was big for them. not so great in the tournament so far. but you know when you play several games in a row you need depth and arizona has a lot of depth. gus: 32-29 as he misses the free-throw.
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turnaround jump shot is off the mark by suggs. a rebound to perry. washington a little out of control. they are not working inside at all. bob: everything is off of the dribble. this is the match-up that i like. they want to clear for him. he should get it in the middle of the floor and go. gus: 10 to shoot. a rebound goes to washington. here comes thomas, kicks it out. gant, off the heel. and derrick williams has a rebound, his fourth. bob: shooting as gone cold for the guys from washington. they are getting pretty good looks. gus: inside, reverse lay-up with the left hand by jesse
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perry! bob: perry is taking control of the game. he is doing an immitation of isiah thomas on this end. bob: what a pass! gus: n'diaye. williams, power dribble and a foul. bob: and they are starting to really move out here on the west side. coming up on "at&t at the half" join greg gum gel, greg anthony and seth davis. 34-31. bob: only five points for derrick williams, and yet there is no sense, that i see, that he is trying to force anything. he averages big numbers.
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19 per game, 8.3 rebounds. gus: parrom coming out. bob: you want to see a beautiful pass, gus. check this out. isiah thomas, not even looking. makes the pass. n'diaye gets the first. misses the second. my question does isaiah get an assist on that play or does n'diaye get a rebound? gus: very interesting. under a minute to go, thomas. kicks it out. and that one sails wide for c.j. wilcox. about a two-second differential between the game and shot clock. momo steps into the frontcourt and will take his time. bob: they can take the last shot. gus: steal!
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thomas, and fouled! bob: isiah thomas makes good ideas not so good ideas. picks the pocket, attacks the glass. gus: what a first half for thomas. 17 points on 6-9 shooting, 3-4 from the three-point line. bob: unbelievable. gus: and he also has three rebounds. bob: 21 points the first night and 11 assists. 10 last night and 12 assists for isaiah. now the numbers you just described. can you say m.v.p.? gus: and he gets a pair. 19 in the first half. three-point game. here comes momo jones.


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